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Education & Events Booking T&Cs and Cancellation Policy

1.Booking Confirmation

Your place on a Netball Northern Irelands (Netball NI) course/event is only confirmed once

you book your places, make payment ie £35 (plus non-refundable online transaction fee) and

receive a confirmation email from Netball NI/sportlomo. We will not reserve places for

individuals and cannot verbally confirm places over the phone.

*sportlomo is the online booking system Netball NI are using when booking on courses.

2. Closing Dates

Applicants are advised to book early, and we cannot guarantee the acceptance of Applications

received after the published closing date.

3. Terms and Conditions of Booking

Should you miss any session(s) of any course/event you sign up to without prior written notice

being given, Netball NI reserve the right to remove you from the course/event and no refund

will be given. However, in exceptional circumstances candidates may be offered the

opportunity to attend the missed session(s) on another course should availability allow.

Netball NI reserves the right to charge you accordingly to recover any associated costs. All

attendees must respect the course tutor/facilitator, venue and other attendees and their

points of view. If the behaviour, language or conduct is deemed ‘unacceptable’, ‘offensive’ or

‘harmful’ for any reason, Netball NI and the venues reserves the right to block further

attendance of that attendees at that course/event and if necessary, from future


4. Intellectual Property

No digital or printed material from the Netball Northern Ireland Course and no Content from

the eLearning Platform may be shared with unauthorized persons, reproduced, recorded,

retransmitted, sold, rented, broadcast, distributed, published, uploaded, posted, publicly

displayed, altered to make new works, performed, digitised, compiled, translated or

transmitted in any way to any other computer, website or other medium or for any commercial

purpose, without the Netball Northern Ireland’s prior express written consent.

5. Coach Education/Events Cancellation Policy

You may withdraw from a course and cancel your allocated place at any stage. You must notify

Netball NI in writing via email to if you wish to withdraw.

Netball NI adheres to a strict cancellation policy.

For all course cancellations candidates are entitled to refunds only to the sum of:

Booking cancelled more than 6 weeks before start of the course 100% of the course


Booking cancelled 4 - 6 weeks before start of the course 80% of the course fee

Booking cancelled 2 - 4 weeks before start of the course 50% of the course fee

Booking cancelled less than 2 weeks before the start of the course NO REFUND

Consideration will be given to candidates who, for health reasons are unable to attend and

require a transfer to another course. A letter from a doctor or medical professional may be

requested in these circumstances.

6. Coach Education/Events Transfer Policy

Should you wish your application to be transferred from one course/event to another (of the

same type and value) then an additional £20 administration fee will be charged. However, the

request to transfer must be received on or before the closing date.

7. NETBALL NI Refund Policy

Should a course/event that you have registered on be cancelled or postponed by Netball NI

then a full refund will be issued. Should you cancel your registration and request a refund,

then all cancellations must adhere to the Netball NI cancellation policy stated above.

8. Notification of cancelled / postponed course/events

Netball NI will contact all candidates/attendees by email initially using the preferred email

address stated on the Application to inform them of a cancelled or postponed course/event.

This will be followed up by email to confirm either details of alternative course/event or that

a refund has been requested.